Waging the War for Sexual Purity

by Patrick Hurd

Let’s just dive right into the heat of the battle. It seems that we live in a society where the momentum of popular opinion and peer pressure often drive parents and their children into attitudes and actions that otherwise might seem out of the ordinary. Such seems to be the case with regards to the on-going sexual revolution in the United States. Homeschoolers, who are accustomed to marching in a different rank (perhaps even pride themselves as self-driven free thinkers) usually recognize the obvious godless fads that come and go in our world and determine to stay clear of such things. Yet even homeschoolers, all of whom are products (in some degree or another) of the relentless momentum of society, fall prey to the very subtle tactics of an increasingly godless society that demands the unconditional surrender of Christian morality, albeit one jot and tittle at a time.

The Christian certainly isn’t the only one aghast at the existing moral depravity of our nation. The secularist, too, admit that there is a problem on a national level and that something must be done to shift the momentum toward a constructive solution. While it might be surprising to think that the two sides see eye to eye on the problem, it is of no surprise to the Christian of the respective polarized solutions. The secularist want to spend more money for more condoms, spend more money for more sex education at a younger age, and spend more money protecting more younger girls from intrusive parents who inhibit their reproductive decisions. It should be obvious to the Christian that these are invalid solutions.

But what does the evangelical Church in America have to offer as solutions? I am in no form or fashion mocking the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of those He so chooses to be His people. There is not a one of us who would say that the saving faith of our Lord is not a critical and necessary ingredient of moral righteousness. But let’s be realistic about the impotence of a message that says, “Just love Jesus more” to the neglect of objective Christian ethics as set forth by the Lord Jesus Christ and enumerated by God’s word, the Apostles, and His Church historic. If we would just step away from the wall of self-righteous piety we might, too, see why the secularist reject our religion as any kind of valid solution.

However, it is from this struggle for ideological supremacy that the Godly solution begins to come to the surface. On the one hand, the secularist stress money, education, and freedom all the while rejecting a personal and sovereign God (thus securing their failure), while the Church in America stress a personal God but rejects doctrine, instruction, and accountability (thus producing her impotence.) Christians know that God and His Word is the only valid solution to the moral ills of our world. But we are dangerously anemic in application. The Church is busy handing out the guns for battle, but someone forgot to bring the bullets. We have our armor on and our shield up, but its been over four generations since any in America but a handful sharpened the sword.

I submit to you that if we as parents, with God’s mercy and blessing, are going to raise a generation that can not only withstand the onslaught of ungodly and immoral thinking, but perhaps actually change the tide of the battle, we must rethink the moral path we ourselves walked as children and young adults with the determination to steer our children clear of the same land mines that crippled and brought moral defeat to our’s and the previous generations. Such a determination begins with Biblical instruction. Additionally, we must determine to equip our children with that which so many in the Church today are lacking: A comprehensively Biblical doctrine ( i.e., theology) that is full of grace and strength, that is capable of withstanding the assaults of human philosophy, that is capable of making the wisdom of man foolishness (1 Cor 1:20-25), that is capable of taking every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ. (2 Cor 10:4-6)

While there are many issues of our society in dire need of Biblical application, I dare say there is no other issue facing the Christian family today more critical in scope and consequence than that of sexual purity. Most of us know from experience the life long consequences of our bad decisions with regards to our own sexual misconduct. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the continued pressure on each generation to define their own sexuality in increasingly broader ideas of acceptability and promiscuity. We should all be very aware of the magnitude of potential consequence that our children could face for just one seemingly innocent indiscretion. In the 1960's, kids would laugh at you if you were afraid of contracting some little STD. No one should be laughing today in a time when “some little STD” could very well cost you your life. Therefore, parents have an even greater responsibility to prepare and equip their children to stand against the promiscuous thinking that pervades every facet of our society.

Laying the Foundation

It is not enough that parents believe their children should be trained in mental and physical purity. The children must eventually agree to the same necessity. Accordingly, it is to be our goal to not only protect them from mental and physical immorality, but to also instill in them a desire for mental and physical purity. A desire that will become their own possession. One must recognize that the process of instilling such a desire into their heart begins long before the "birds and bees" talk. There are many foundations to be laid in the child's life that moral purity must rest upon if the conviction is to be one that withstands the onslaught of secular influence and does not become a system of restrictive and legalistic rules. I believe that foundations of ownership and self-government are of the highest priorities to be first established in the life of a child.

1. Ownership establishes the source of standards by which one lives. If we are, as the world teaches us, our own person, then standards of morality are easily adjusted for each new circumstance. If the moral standards are the result of another person’s law, then they are likely to become oppressive, legalistic, and thus easily rebelled against. But when moral standards are the result of a source that transcends human authority, originates from the One who not only created us but also ransomed us from the death penalty of sin, and is consistently applied according to His Law-Word, disobedience and rebellion take on a completely different character.

Our children should know from an early age who owns them. Paul tells us that we are not our own but have been bought with a price, both our body and spirit. (I Cor 6:19,20) Ezekiel proclaimed to the children of Israel, “Again the word of the Lord came to me saying, ‘...and when I [God] passed by you again and looked upon you, indeed your time was the time of love; so I spread my wing over you and covered your nakedness. Yes, I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you, and you became mine’, says the Lord God.” (Ezekiel 16:1-8)

The Heidelberg Catechism states:
Q1. What is your only comfort in life and in death?
A1. That I belong - body and soul, in life and in death - not to myself but to my faithful savior, Jesus Christ...

Q34. Why do you call him [Jesus] “our Lord”?
A34. Because, not with gold or silver but at the cost of his blood, he has redeemed us body and soul from sin and all the dominion of the devil, and has bought us for his very own.

Proposing such an idea to teach at a young age creates a dilemma for some parents in relation to those children who have yet to make a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ. It’s not that they would advocate that their children were the property of anyone else (and certainly not that of the devil), but it’s as if they just can’t quite wholly admit the children full status into the household of God until the child has done his part to ratify the deal. It is as if they are being less than honest to teach their children that they are as much a part of God’s household as Mommy and Daddy is and, therefore, enjoy the blessings of the covenant household as well as the responsibility of covenant faithfulness.

Unable or unwilling to deal with the dilemma from a biblical position (e.g., 1 Cor 7:14 & Acts 2:39), too many parents do nothing thus wasting years of training opportunities while hoping the child will make the profession at an early age. In too many cases, time (which as much as we can possibly get is needed, especially in the area of sexual training) becomes an enemy of our goal toward moral purity rather than the ally it should be.

2. Self-government, as opposed to self-rule and self-control, is the ability and willingness to submit to the standard of behavior so established by a higher authority. In this context I make a distinction between self-government, self-rule, and self-control in that self-rule has its origin or government from the individual with little or no connection to the whole of society. Self-rule is synonymous with autonomy. Self-control, on the other hand, is likened unto self-slavery or tyranny in that the origin of government is external yet submission to the standard is forced upon the individual who will rebel against the authority at the first opportunity. There is no true submission in the individual’s heart. Government is the system by which we order our relationships within ourselves and with each other up to the larger society. While ownership establishes the source of ethical standards, self-government provides the means of adherence to said standards. That is not to ignore or discount the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit that is necessary in the heart of a believer to be successfully self-governed. But it is to acknowledge that not everyone is or will be regenerate and that there are not enough resources available to the Church or the civil government to police every citizen into submission. Accordingly, self-government must be a presupposed standard within any successful society - family, church, and civil.

Since self-government differs from self-rule and self-control, the ability to govern one’s self is dependent on knowing what is the standard of government. At this point the Church in America (the “civil magistrate” of the Kingdom of God) has miserably failed for the last 100 years. Having exchanged her Puritan heritage for Finney revivalism, the Church in America, in turn, exchanged the preeminence of the whole congregation of Christ for the supremacy of each individual. This shift in emphasis and application led to a decline in preaching the ethical standards of congregational membership to the increase in preaching on individual piety to an antagonism against preaching on the ethical standards of congregational membership. Couple this philosophical shift of the Church with the growing multi-cultural, pluralistic, and egalitarianistic societal trends of the last 60 years and you have a Church filled with people who do whatever is right in their own eye. (Judges 21:25) Having exchanged an individual nation for a nation of individuals, a church whose emphasis is more on attendance and less on righteousness has no choice but to continue mending the tear in the veil of the temple so as to hide the character of God from an increasingly lawless congregation of so-called “believers.”

Our goal as parents is to establish a system of self-government within our children based on the one and only truly objective system of ethics: God’s Holy Word. All other systems are inherently subjective in nature and will eventually digress to self-rule or self-control. Furthermore, in order for our children to withstand the assaults of godless influences that will continually demand their unconditional surrender, they must be armed with a comprehensive ethic that is objectively taught and applied to the whole of the community, not just the individual. VanTil states,

“In conclusion, we should observe that just as a thorough knowledge of the system of truth in Scripture is the best defense against heresy, so it is also the best help for the propagation of the truth. This is but the other side of the former point. As an army well organized is not so likely to be overcome by a surprise attack and is not so likely to be shattered as an army poorly organized, so also an army well organized is better able to attack the enemy than an army poorly organized. Each unit will have the support and the protection of the whole army as it goes on to the attack. The morale will be better. When the enemy comes with cannon, we must be able to put atomic bombs over against them. When the enemy attacks the foundations, we must be able to protect these foundations.”

The best offense is a solid defense. Armed with a standard of governing that has the fire-power to take every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ, our children will be willing to submit to that standard for their own life and walk. Not a willingness that is based on their own emotional or intellectual choice but, rather, a willingness that springs forth from their nature which has been transformed by the power of a comprehensive biblical ethic through the work of the Holy Spirit. Conversely, a standard that is subjective in definition, limited in its scope of application, and unable to defend itself in the arena of debate will ultimately betray its adherents to slave-like self-control or rebellious self-rule.

Everything we train and teach our children (academically, spiritually, and vocationally) is to have its roots in the biblical basis of ownership and self-government. It is to be the presupposed position from which all thinking begins. With that in mind, we can now develop in confidence a strategy for training and protecting our children in sexual purity.

Building on the Foundation

While ownership and self-government provide the conceptual framework from which to begin, there are many practical lessons for our children to learn in order to have the fortitude to stand alone in a world that demands their surrender. I believe that a child’s perspective of reputation, his perspective of duty and calling, and his perspective of modesty are one’s that can be instilled in a child from a very early age. In this way time becomes our ally in the moral training of our children.
Reputation. Our children are to know from an early age that they are becoming known by their deeds, that they are building a reputation. (Proverbs 20:11) This is one of the lessons that instruct the child that there are always consequences for actions. He learns that actions are the product of decisions put to motion. He learns that decisions are the product of ideas that are assimilated and processed in his mind. He therefore learns that ideas do have consequences both now and in the future.

The ability to link ideas with consequences is what makes the difference between a wise person and a fool. The wise man recognizes the future consequences of his decisions and actions and acts accordingly. The fool, on the other hand, is ignorant of or ignores the future consequences of today’s decisions and actions and acts accordingly. Proverbs 3:35 assures us that “The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the legacy of fools,” that is, the fool’s reputation will be one of shame while the wise man will be known for his wisdom.

Duty and Calling. Every member of the Kingdom of God has a general duty of allegiance as outlined by scripture as well as a specific calling. It is not a matter of random chance that our children were born in this specific time of redemptive history or specific geographical location but, rather, God’s sovereign design in the life of our children and in His eternal plan of redemption. (Acts 17:26) To think otherwise is to think evolutionary, not Christian.

While none of us would set out to think (and, therefore, act) evolutionary, too often our words, actions, and lack thereof betray how we have been trained. In other words, to not talk to our children from an early age, instilling in them a sense of their God ordained duty and calling in the kingdom of God, is to default to the evolutionary method of thinking that everyone of us received in the government school system. Accordingly, it will take a conscious and concerted effort on our part as parents to jettison such ungodly thinking and replace it with Godly and biblical thinking. To fail to do so on our part not only hinders the Godly development of our children, but keeps them hostage to a worldview that is openly at war with our Lord. They become, in effect, prisoners of war by virtue of our treason.

Our sons are to be taught that their faithfulness to the calling of God on their life is predicated on their sexual and moral purity. To do otherwise is a gross injustice to our sons. Our sons should be looking ahead and planning for the time when they will be heads of a household, themselves fathers, and future statesmen in the Church and civil government. Such leadership roles requires a greater responsibility of purity. Accordingly, we teach our sons that they not only have a responsibility to keep themselves undefiled, but have a greater responsibility to protect their sisters and are ultimately responsible and accountable for the moral protection of female acquaintances with whom they may be in the presence of.

Our daughters are taught that there is one man designed by God for them to give their heart to and that they are never to give their heart to anyone else. Our daughters are to always be a one man woman; first to their father, then to their husband. Nothing in between.

Modesty. There is no reason why a child cannot learn modesty at an early age. They can learn that there are private parts of their’s and other’s body and that no one except mommy and daddy should ever touch them or look at them there. Additionally, they should never touch or look at someone else’s private parts.

Modesty also involves our conversations. We don’t allow what we refer to as “bathroom talk” among the children. Bathroom talk means any private part or the various bodily functions or noises of those parts. That is not to say that a child is prohibited from speaking to me or Carrie about that of themselves or someone else, but it is to never be an open conversation.

Our children are prohibited from boy/girl friend speculation or gossip even to the extent of Christian romance novels and other various movies or stories. It’s not that they are not allowed to read books that have romance in them, but said romance shouldn’t be the theme of the book nor the major point of interest and discussion by the children. Because we know that nothing is neutral and that, therefore, romance novels only serve to waste time and stir the hearts of young girls at an early age, our children are not allowed to read romance novels, even so called christianized ones.

Personal conduct plays an important part of modesty. Our boys are taught to identify flirty behavior and avoid being with flirty or touchy girls. Our girls are taught to discern the motives of boys who seek their attention and to avoid aggressive attention demanding boys. With regards to dress, we teach our boys that there is a way for a girl to dress that will defile his heart and to walk away from girls dressed defilingly whether in person or on the magazine rack or the billboard etc....

Our girls learn that, while men lust in their desire for a woman, a woman’s lust is to be lusted for by men. Therefore, modesty in dress for the girls is a matter of the heart, not just the outward appearance. In this area of dress, there is none better qualified than the father to determine with their wife and daughters what is modest and what is immodest. Therefore, this is an area that the father must take an active role. There are extremes at both ends. Women can dress nicely and fashionably without being immodest. Too often, though, the women of a household do not consult the men of the household and end up either dressing so homely and dumpy looking as to make a spectacle of themselves or, on the other end of the spectrum, dress according to every scanty fad and fashion that comes along. Personally, I want the women of my household to be modest in their dress but to also present themselves in a well groomed but inconspicuous manner. I think there is no better judge of their modesty than the men of our household.

You have rightly recognized that parents cannot anticipate every situation and circumstance that might confront our children to defile their purity and give them warnings and instruction. It is for this very reason that a desire for moral purity must be a matter of the child’s heart, not a list of legalistic do’s and don'ts. We assist our children during the time that their heart is being trained by teaching our children that they are never to use a word or phrase, read a book or magazine, participate in a conversation or be involved in any other activity that they have not heard or seen mom or dad say or participate in. To violate this rule is automatic corporal punishment. If they have any doubts they are to ask first.

Additionally, we instruct our children that should they find themselves involved in a conversation or activity they realize is inappropriate for them to be doing, they are to simply inform the other parties that they hear their father calling them and that they must go. I am not teaching them to lie but rather to discern my voice in their conscience today so that they will discern the voice of their heavenly father in their conscience tomorrow.

Teaching our children modesty involves much more than explaining it to them one time. It should be a process that begins at an early age and involves many discussions and real life examples as the child matures. The best place for your children to witness, under your guidance and instruction, the blatant immodest behavior and dress of teenagers is the local shopping mall. Running a close second is the local church youth group.

As our children mature, they are going to be exposed to an ever increasing pressure of conformity to the thinking and practices of the world. Additionally, parents will experience increased peer pressure to allow their children to participate in activities that have the potential to compromise their children’s moral purity. It should not be a surprise to us that the pressure on both the children and parents increase as the stakes get higher. What is at stake is the years of training we have invested in our children, the vision of calling by God on our children, and, ultimately, the moral purity of our children. Parents are obliged to be aware of the subtle influences of the enemy that would put our children in circumstances where their moral purity might be compromised and to train our children to recognize such booby-traps and avoid them.

Protecting Our Children From Eroding Circumstances

Parents should know that sexual maturity is a graduating process just as is physical and spiritual maturity. Therefore, the “birds & bees” talk must be an ongoing and graduating process corresponding to the maturity of the child. In other words, parents should be cognizant of the various stages of physical and spiritual maturity their children will progress through and be ready to deal with sexual issues at each stage. For example, it is common for young boys to have a general dislike for girls, yet have one special friendship that happens to be a girl. Suddenly though, the boy’s open disdain for girls disappears and, though not replaced with some open affection for girls, he suddenly starts combing his hair or some other unusual grooming exercise. This change in behavior should be a trigger to the parent that it is time to have another talk with the boy about what he’s thinking and how his perspectives are developing. The choice of involvement is the parents. You can choose to ignore the development of your child and leave it to himself to figure it out, or you can choose to direct the child. (See Proverbs 29:15)

Recognizing the developmental stage of our children helps us to discern what activities should be avoided. I dare say that the vast majority of us started our journey toward moral defilement not in a boy/girl situation but rather in a pre-adolescent boy/boy or girl/girl situation where inappropriate topics were discussed or behavior exhibited. Accordingly, we should avoid activities that put our children in long periods of non-supervision with peers. We never drop our children off at activities and leave them unattended. Parents should never allow their young children to go unattended to a friends house down the street or even to the most trusted neighbor. Even if you trust the adult supervisors and know the convictions of the parents and children, you will not be able to always know the convictions of someone they may have in their house without your knowledge. We know of too many instances where a young child was defiled by a friend’s cousin, or visitor, or there was hidden pornography in the house, etc.... I’m sure that, if you asked around, you too would find the number and means of defilement to be staggering. The stakes are too high, the risk is just not worth the short term reward.

Then you have teenage co-ed sleep-overs. Once our children get a taste for sleep-overs, it is difficult to break away from. One would think that nothing needs to be said about this topic, especially in a home school publication designed for Christians. Unfortunately, this new fad of teenage parties is quickly permeating throughout the Christian community. Such activities, amounting to nothing more than sexual Russian roulette, remind me of a local church’s summer youth camp a few years ago which was reported as a great success. After all, only two girls came home pregnant.

Individually, our young men and women should be trained to never get into situations where they find themselves alone with someone of the opposite gender. It is a matter of prudence. Sure, it may happen a thousand times with no more than an innocent outcome. But those thousand times of no consequence only serves to decrease one’s guard long enough for the one time of disaster that has life-long consequences. The stakes are too high to gamble with the moral purity of our children.

Accordingly, the traditional dating scene is not acceptable for the young person who is serious about fulfilling his God-given calling. Again, its no more than sexual Russian roulette. Dating too often becomes a challenge, on the part of the girl, to see how far she can go without going all the way and, on the part of the boy, how long can she go before she goes all the way. The question we as parents must come to grips with and teach our children is, “Why go any of the way? Why is it worth it to even begin the journey? How is any of it even close to glorifying God in all that we do and say?” For ideas on courtship and betrothal as alternatives to dating, contact Sarah Faith Schlissel at SFSchliss@AOL.com for information on the online discussion forum, Courtship Ring.

Erosion of convictions often come through acquaintances that come into the life of the child. Our children need to be trained to discern such bad influences (e.g., fools) and determine to stay clear of them. Recall that I defined a fool as one who is ignorant of or ignores the consequences of today actions and acts accordingly. Remember the destiny of the companion of fools. Fools exhibit themselves both in behavior and conversation. Our children need to know their response to fools: Run the other way.

Finally, it is our duty to first protect the senses of our children from harmful and deceptive influences that would defile our children’s purity and then to train our children to recognize and stay clear of those bad influences. For boys, the most likely means of moral defilement will come through the eyes. Visual immodesty is everywhere: TV, movies, billboards, the grocery store check out stand, newspaper, magazine racks, etc . . . . Too much indiscriminate TV or video watching will only serve to desensitize your children to issues of immodesty. Carrie had an encounter with one of the public library branches, prior to our moving to Weatherford, over a rack of romance novels placed right there at the book check-out waiting line. It seemed that the kids would inevitably gather around the rack of bared breasts and immodest poses while Carrie was trying to get through the line. Our children, especially the boys, must be trained to look away from such things.

Lewd jokes, stories, and music play their part to lead our children toward sexual defilement. Stories about boyfriend/girlfriend affairs only serve to stir the passions our children. While the boys are most susceptible visually, the girls seem to be most vulnerable audibly. Our children need to learn to recognize the subtle attacks on their purity and learn to be called away, choosing to hear the voice of their father rather than the voice of the enemy.

Fathers, you’re going to have to judge this one from the depths of your heart. I am not opposed to women wearing perfume. Carrie wears perfume. But you and I both know there is a right way to wear perfume and then there is the way of the strange woman who is alluring through the sense of smell. If your not convinced, give a little special attention to the perfume commercials on TV, radio, and magazines. Our children, both boys and girls, need to know the difference and learn to discern the motives of other people.

Our children should learn from an early age to keep their hands to themselves and to avoid those who are overly touchy. This is especially true of young girls who are flirting with the boys by touching their hair, arms, hands, etc.... Certainly boys can be guilty of this towards girls, but it seems to be more acceptable for the girls to touch than for the boys. While this may seem innocent on the surface, like holding hands, once started, one has to ask who is going to establish the stopping line, where, and why there and not further down the road. Our kids should know to stay at arms length with touchy boys and girls.

How about premarital kissing? Is there any form of kissing outside of kissing your pet, your mom or dad, or your spouse that is permissive? I think that none of you would have any trouble judging it immoral for me to passionately kiss anyone other than Carrie. Likewise, I think none of you would have trouble judging it immoral for someone other than me to passionately kiss Carrie. If it is wrong for me to passionately kiss anyone other than my spouse and wrong for anyone to passionately kiss my spouse other than me, how could it be right for anyone to passionately kiss someone who is not their spouse? If you argue that one is justified if one has no spouse or is not the spouse of anyone else, you open the door to justifying passionately kissing anyone who is not your spouse without being able to substantiate any reason to qualify the justification on the basis of singleness except by an arbitrary distinction.  Accordingly, there is nothing redemptive in two unmarried people engaging in premarital kissing.


The fact that there is a war waging for the heart, mind, and soul of our sons and daughters is not news to you. That fact may be the very reason you are homeschooling. Yet it seems that the breadth of the battle against the family is so overwhelming that parents are not sure if they can man every front put up by the enemy, if they can defend every breach in the walls of defense, or if they even know who is the enemy.

Some instructive parallels might be drawn between the current struggle the Christian family is engaged in and our nation’s struggle with the North Vietnamese over 30 years ago. In application, the United States could have blown North Vietnam off the face of the globe. With peer pressure from our “allies” bearing down on us, we conceded to fight the battle on their terms. If my father taught me anything, he taught me to never, ever play another man’s game.

The length of years, the guerilla warfare, the jungle ambush tactics of the enemy, and the constant reports of casualties gradually wore down the endurance of our nation. The nation began to wonder if it was really so important. We began to question the integrity of those in authority and the reports they were giving us. The Johnson administration literally imploded due to the internal conflicts over the next course of action.

Unlike the first two World Wars, our nation did not have that sense of having been personally affronted and assaulted that previously stirred the people to nationalism and patriotism. That lack of purpose, of cause, and of calling spread like a deadly cancer throughout the nation and served to lead us to our first defeat.

Such is the stage set for the struggle against the Christian family. For you see, the battle for the family is right at your front door. It comes at you from all fronts: from the radio and television, the newspaper, the grocery store magazine rack, the billboards on the highway, the toys and games targeted at your children, peer pressure from extended family and friends, etc ... all striving for the loyalty of your children. The thought of it all can be overwhelming and the scope of fronts to protect easily tiring. Just like Vietnam, we begin to wonder if all this is really important. We begin to question the integrity of those who tell us it is important. We wonder if they are making it bigger than it really is. Does it really matter? Thus it goes, we tend to forget why we are in this battle, what the battle is all about, and begin to think that it’s really not worth all the pain.

And painful it is. The things I have discussed with you are not easy, not convenient, and place us in a course that is against the grain of the rest of society. But they must be addressed. The attack on the family is much more than an individual attack against you and me. It is a direct assault against our King and the calling He has set before us. As such, we are not in the battle alone or just for ourselves and our children. Our God has given us the fire power to blow the enemy off the map - His Holy Word. However, the enemy has positioned spies in the camp posing as allies, “Don’t be judgmental. Go along with them and you can change their behavior while playing it their way.” Folks, that strategy didn’t work in Vietnam and it won’t work in this battle. The time is now, with this generation, to establish an army armed with the uncompromised truth of God’s Word that is indeed able and willing to take captives to the obedience of Jesus Christ. Sexual purity is just one of the fronts of the battle. But it is an important one. I pray that each of us will be willing to take the stand for our King that is necessary to train and support our children to enter the battle unencumbered and uncompromised in their quest to fulfill their duty and calling for the King of Kings.

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Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01